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EAA Web Session “Data Science for Executives”

In today's data-driven world, the ability to extract insights from vast amounts of data is a critical skill for managers. This course provides an introduction to data science principles and techniques, empowering managers to make informed decisions and drive organizational success. The purpose of this course is to equip managers with the knowledge and practical […]

EAA Web Session CERA, Module D: ERM – Economic Capital

The present training is concerned with the question of economic capital in corporate management. Key aspects are economic valuation and performance economic steering key performance indicators value based management A simplified case study for a life insurer shows in a nutshell the central aspects of corporate management in practice. The course consists of lectures and […]

EAA Web Session ‘Understanding the Performance of an Insurance Company: An Introduction’


The seminar will alternate between methodological concepts, practical examples and case studies in order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the techniques presented.   The instructor-led sessions will take place online over four days between 9:00 and 12:30.   The participants will be requested to look at 14 e-learning capsules (of around 30 minutes each): […]

Web Session ‘IFRS 17: Special Issues with Reinsurance Contracts’


The web session will cover the guidance of IFRS 17 specific for reinsurance contracts, explain their meaning and background, and discuss practical challenges in implementing the guidance. Further, some exemplary challenges arising from applying the general guidance to reinsurance contracts, particularly more complex forms, are explained. The session will focus mainly on risk cessions, i.e. […]

EAA Seminar ‘Actuarial Data Science – Basic’ in Vienna

We intend to give an introduction to the concepts of Actuarial Data Science and its applications. We start at the very beginning, so no prior knowledge is required.   In this three-day seminar, we cover a wide range of topics. This includes a basic introduction to the concepts and terms of artificial intelligence, modern data […]

EAA Web Session ‘Climate Risk Stress Testing for Physical Risk from Natural Hazards’


This session will cover various practical aspects around physical climate risk modelling and scenarios analysis, including: Understanding how climate change affects different natural catastrophe risks for insurers. Exploring the modelling of physical hazards under climate change for location-based portfolios and discuss peer-reviewed data that can be leveraged for this assessment. Step-by-step walkthrough of key elements […]

EAA Web Session ‘Emerging Risks’


Recent developments and events have put some specific Emerging Risks in the spotlight, such as geopolitical risk, artificial intelligence, and climate change. However, there is a large number of further topics in the Emerging Risks universe that might warrant equal attention. Their assessment requires a solid process for identification and analysis, using industry-standard resources and […]

Mikroökonomie für Aktuare

Hotel Regina Rooseveltplatz 15, Wien, Österreich

Vortragende: Prof. Dr. Alfred Stiassny (WU Wien), Prof. Dr. Alexander Mürmann (WU Wien) Neben den reinen aktuariellen Fähigkeiten zur Bepreisung, Reservierung und Modellierung von Einzelverträgen und Versicherungsportfolien ist für Aktuar:innen auch eine allgemeinere Sicht auf Versicherung und Versicherbarkeit im Allgemeinen von immer größerer Bedeutung. Dieses Seminar soll daher die zugrundeliegenden mikroökonomischen Konzepte  sowohl allgemein als auch […]

EAA e-Conference on Data Science & Data Ethics


The European Actuarial Academy cordially invites actuarial and data science experts, along with all professionals eager to engage in this dynamic discourse, to participate in this exclusive knowledge exchange platform: The annual e-Conference on 'Data Science & Data Ethics', provides the forum for experts from the field of actuarial data science. Bring your expertise to […]

INSURANCE PRIME: unser Online-Programm – VersVG aktuell – Update und Refresher I: Antrag, Storno, Konvertierung


Von der „Wiege“ bis zur „Bahre“ des Vertrags: Rechtsfragen, die in der alltäglichen Arbeitspraxis zu Abschluss, Konvertierung und Auflösung des Versicherungsvertrags zu lösen sind. Systematisch, praxisgerecht und auch für Nichtjuristen verständlich dargestellt auf Basis der OGH-Judikatur. Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt auf dem Vertragsstorno, das in der Praxis besonders zahlreiche und vielfältige Probleme aufwirft. Teil 1: Abschluss, […]

EAA Web Session ‘The Scientific Basis of Climate Change’


An introduction into the physical and chemical basis of climate change will be given, which comprises both radiation equilibria and atmospheric processes that lead to global warming, commonly labeled as climate change. We will discuss feedback loops, which are capable of changing earth’s surface temperature and related quantities in a disruptive and irreversible manner, with […]

EAA Seminar ‘Actuarial Methods for Cyber Insurance’ in Lisbon


The purpose of this seminar is to provide an overview on cyber risk and on the ability of cyber insurance to cover it. After an introduction describing the specificities (technological, technical, actuarial) of cyber risk, we discuss the actuarial models that can be adapted to pricing and reserving in the context of cyber insurance and […]

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