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EAA Seminar ‘Open Source Tools R and Python: Extending the Tool of the Actuary’

30. September, 08:45 - 1. Oktober, 15:00

Over the last years, typical data science tasks like data manipulation and modelling have gained a stronger foothold in the day-to-day professional life of the actuary. Open source languages are renowned to be especially equipped to deal with these kind of tasks, but can also be tricky to get started with, especially when one has not been properly introduced to them. This workshop offers the opportunity to become more familiar with the open source environment and their applications, illustrated in detail by means of a number of hands-on modules, hereby enabling the actuary to tackle the data science tasks in an elegant manner.

Open source tools like R, Python and more recently Julia have gained a lot of momentum in recent years, not just in popularity but also in number of contributed code. Their respective communities are nowadays no longer exclusively composed of academic researchers and scientists, but also of professionals of all sorts of backgrounds, especially since the industry and corporate world have understood the added value of ‘community driven software’ and started to plug open source tools into their processes and corporate tissue.

On top of this, actuaries are confronted with the same issues as academic researchers and scientists: the production of readable, shareable and reproducible code and results. In the actuarial community, R already is a fairly known and used open source language, Python however a little bit less, even if it’s also packed with potential and even if it disposes of a vast biosphere of its own. This workshop will also focus on the ‘scientific stack’ of both R and Python and draw some comparisons between both worlds where we will try to show that it’s not a matter of choosing between both ecosystems but of choosing the best of both (continuously evolving) worlds.

The goal of this two-day training is to introduce the participants to both open source ecosystems and to get a good understanding of both languages. However, since both ecosystems are way too vast to be covered in merely two days, the participants will be asked to go through the basics of both languages themselves, prior to the seminar. During the first three hours of the seminar, these basics which will be shortly revised, but at a higher pace. In this way, the presenters can focus more on examples and on providing more hands-on experience to the participants. The course material, containing the basics of both languages, will be provided by the organizers several weeks before the beginning of the seminar, such that the participants will have plenty of time to go through the material at her/his ease.
Anmeldeschluss: 2024-09-24


30. September, 08:45
1. Oktober, 15:00



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