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EAA Web Session ‘Valuation of Hybrid Financial and Actuarial Risks’


How to valuate future cash flows is a fundamental problem in both finance and actuarial science. (Pricing of financial products, premium and technical provisions of insurance contracts). However, traditional ways of valuing actuarial or financial liabilities are quite different. In Finance, the pricing is based on risk neutral expectations of discounted cash flows, originally justified […]

EAA Web Session ‘CERA, Module B: Taxonomy, Modelling and Mitigation of Risks’


This web session is one part in a course that consists of four modules. They can be booked as a whole series to fulfil the requirements for receiving the CERA designation, or individually as CPD training. Written exams on the course are offered subsequently.   Please contact your actuarial association regarding the recognition of the […]

EAA Web Session ‘Actuarial Data Science – Advanced’


Based on the building blocks known from Basic, we want to deepen some topics and present further important topics from the field of Actuarial Data Science. In this three-day training, we cover a wide range of topics. This includes an advanced introduction to the concepts and terms of artificial intelligence, modern data management concepts (with […]

EAA Web Session ‘Assets and Liabilities Management (Part 1: Introduction)’


This ALM training starts with a first part that is primarily an introduction to main concepts of ALM and is therefore particularly suited for participants coming from different departments (for instance, people dealing with own risk solvency assessment techniques or enterprise risk management) and wanting to develop a broader view on what ALM is and […]

EAA Web Session ‘Explainable AI for Actuaries: Concepts, Techniques, and Case Studies’


By the end of the seminar, participants will leave with a toolkit of explainability techniques, an in-depth understanding of model interpretability, and the ability to use XAI approaches in practical actuarial applications.   Participants will also understand mathematical principles behind key XAI techniques, evaluate the strengths and limitations of XAI methods, run a machine learning […]

EAA Seminar ‘Open Source Tools R and Python: Extending the Tool of the Actuary’


Over the last years, typical data science tasks like data manipulation and modelling have gained a stronger foothold in the day-to-day professional life of the actuary. Open source languages are renowned to be especially equipped to deal with these kind of tasks, but can also be tricky to get started with, especially when one has […]

EAA Web Session ‘Climate Change Scenarios in Context – A Stress Testing Case Study’


Climate Risk scenarios are commonly used in the insurance industry for stress testing, but interpreting and communicating results is often challenging, given strong limitations and complex assumptions. Why are physical stresses often so low, and what can be done about this? What is the impact of the recent surge in fossil fuels on transition risk? […]

EAA Web Session ‘Strategic Balance Sheet Management (Business Game)’


The goal of the workshop is to teach the participants the impact of the various levers an insurer can pull to manage its capital position and in turn manage its balance sheet towards the requirements of the different viewpoints an insurer has, i.e. IFRS17, Solvency II, Local GAAP and of course an economic asset view. […]

EAA Web Session ‘Assets and Liabilities Management (Part 2: Advanced)’


For an insurance company, ensuring the proper coordination between assets and liabilities in order to achieve targeted financial objectives is of paramount interest. A strategy used to reach such objectives is "asset and liability management" (ALM in short). ALM can therefore be viewed as any ongoing process that defines, implements, and monitors financial strategies to […]

EAA Web Session ‘Introduction to Natural Catastrophe Modelling’


During the web session, the basic components of a Nat Cat model will be explained: Exposure data, the hazard, vulnerabilities, and the financial model. Additionally, sources of uncertainty will be discussed together with methods for quantification. After the first part, we will build our own simple Nat Cat model in a hands-on case study. Lastly, […]

EAA Web Session ‘Cancer Survivors’ Right to be Forgotten’


This web session aims to give an overview and a deeper understanding of the cancer survivors' Right to be Forgotten (RTBF) and its current development inside and outside Europe. We will discuss the different parameters of RTBF, such as product scope, disease scope, minimum remission period (timeline) and others. We will also provide solutions how […]

EAA Web Session ‘LLM Principles and Case Studies for Insurance’

This workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction and hands-on experience with Large Language Models (LLMs), covering their theoretical underpinnings, practical applications, and the broader ecosystem in which they operate. Participants will embark on a journey from understanding the basics of what LLMs are, including an overview, specifications, evaluations, and their pros and cons, […]

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