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European Actuarial Academy (EAA)


EAA Web Session: The Aftermath of Covid-19: Impact on Disability Insurance Business

More than three years into the pandemic, uncertainties still remain about the ongoing and long-term impact on health caused by the Covid-19 infection and the pandemic situation. This includes sequelae of the acute infection such as "Long Covid" as well as cardiovascular risks (e.g., heart attacks and strokes), but also indirect effects such as disrupted […]

IFRS 17: Guidance for Risk Adjustments

IFRS 17 requires that risks inherent in the cash flows of the insurance contracts are considered in measurement, differentiating between financial risks and non-financial risks. While the financial risks are measured at their current (estimated) market value, non-financial risks are measured at “the compensation that the entity requires for bearing the uncertainty about the amount […]

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