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EAA Web Session ‘IFRS 17: The Premium Allocation Approach’


To enhance the applicability of the PAA, judgment of the details of the eligibility criteria is needed. We will discuss those details and the hurdles included. Further, we will discuss the details of the PAA measurement particularly in comparison with traditional methods which might be applied as approximation. The combination of the simplified approach together […]

EAA Web Session ‘State of the Art Tech in Actuarial Science’

Technology drives actuarial calculations. The more and better we are able to calculate risks due to advances in technology, the regulators and auditors expect to see this embedded into companies. This session will focus on State of the Art Technology in Actuarial Science.   Technological improvements have the goal to make our day-to-day jobs easier […]

EAA Web Session ‘Discrimination-Free Pricing: of Limits & Possibilities’


The purpose of this session is to introduce relevant concepts of pricing and discrimination therein as well as an overview of discrimination-reducing concepts from the literature. We will then draft some toy models, including generation of synthetic data with particular properties. Afterward, we will review limits and possibilities toward enabling (some kind of) less-discriminatory pricing. […]

EAA Web Session ‘Computational support for liability forecasting with practical examples’


Liability forecasting depends on different kinds of strategies. In relation to pension fund membership evolution, the HR-Policy has a strong impact: salary, turn-over rates, new hire profiles, restructuring measures, possible range for retirement, etc. The aim of this web session is to provide insights into the approach related to the liability forecasting for ALM studies. […]

EAA Web Session ‘Credit Risk’


Credit risk arises from the potential that a borrower or counterparty fails to meet its financial obligations. This can be related to a deterioration of the financial or liquidity position of the counterparty ultimately leading to default. The sources and propagation of credit risk can be both specific and systemic. Insurers and banks are significantly […]

EAA Web Session ‘Loss of Nature & Insurers: Implications & Risk Manag. Approaches’


The consequences of biodiversity and ecosystem loss for humanity as a whole are potentially devastating. Ecosystems and biodiversity, among others, can be considered a source of defence against the effects of climate change and are closely interconnected with it.   Omitting to consider the importance of these aspects, mitigation and adaptation to the consequences of […]

EAA Web Session ‘Commission’s Request to an Adapted Framework’


Solvency II-Review was initiated in February 2019 with Commission’s request for technical advice to EIOPA. This advice constituted the basis for Commission’s proposal for an amendment of the SII-framework and the proposal to deal with recovery and resolution in a separate Directive. Council and later Parliament proposed numerous amendments to these proposals. These have been […]

EAA Web Session ‘Understanding the Performance of an Insurance Company: An Introduction’


The seminar will alternate between methodological concepts, practical examples and case studies in order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the techniques presented.   The instructor-led sessions will take place online over four days between 9:00 and 12:30.   The participants will be requested to look at 14 e-learning capsules (of around 30 minutes each): […]

Web Session ‘IFRS 17: Special Issues with Reinsurance Contracts’


The web session will cover the guidance of IFRS 17 specific for reinsurance contracts, explain their meaning and background, and discuss practical challenges in implementing the guidance. Further, some exemplary challenges arising from applying the general guidance to reinsurance contracts, particularly more complex forms, are explained. The session will focus mainly on risk cessions, i.e. […]

EAA Seminar ‘Actuarial Data Science – Basic’ in Vienna

We intend to give an introduction to the concepts of Actuarial Data Science and its applications. We start at the very beginning, so no prior knowledge is required.   In this three-day seminar, we cover a wide range of topics. This includes a basic introduction to the concepts and terms of artificial intelligence, modern data […]

EAA Web Session ‘Stochastic Projection Models in Life Insurance’


This web session provides an overview of three conceptually different approaches for stochastic life insurance projection models currently observable in the market. It compares their key ideas, explains their strengths & challenges, and introduces the underlying mathematical / actuarial methodologies. Concerning the application of the comparably little-known Liability-2-Step approach, the session will present the operational […]

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