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: EAA Web Session ‘How to Read the New IFRS Balance Sheet for Insurers’

14. Juni, 09:00 - 12:15

The goal of this three-hour web session is to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction on the new IFRS reporting requirements for insurance contracts after go-live of IFRS 17. Focus will be the illustration of the new reporting requirements of IFRS 17 to “demystify” the new presentation requirements on the IFRS balance sheet and the statement(s) of financial performance (Profit and Loss as well as Other Comprehensive Income). The web session will also briefly compare key aspects of the new reporting requirements to former IFRS 4-reporting practice, contain a brief summary of the main information which can be found within the new IFRS 17 reporting and cover the different aspects for primary and reinsurance related business.


Overall, the goal is to enable participants to understand the IFRS 17 reporting and help transferring the reporting requirements into the specific situation of the participant. It is thus intended to prepare participants for analysing, testing, reviewing, and consulting with management, accounting, and auditors.

Anmeldeschluss: 2024-06-13



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