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EAA Web Session: Comparing IFRS17 and Solvency II

This session aims at describing the similarities and differences between the financial and prudential frameworks applicable to insurers. After a general overview, we will focus on discount rates and risk […]

EAA Web Session: Understanding IFRS 17

The goal of the two-day web session is to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the new measurement, presentation and disclosure guidance for insurance contracts. It will cover life, […]

IFRS 17: Guidance for Risk Adjustments

IFRS 17 requires that risks inherent in the cash flows of the insurance contracts are considered in measurement, differentiating between financial risks and non-financial risks. While the financial risks are […]

EAA e-Conference on Data Science & Data Ethics

The actuarial focus has changed significantly over the last couple of years. Computational power is increasing with exponential growth, in addition more and more data is available. This combination puts […]

EAA Web Session: Introduction to IFRS9 for Insurers

Insurance companies are quite busy with IFRS17 and devote relatively little attention to IFRS9, its equivalent on the asset side. The complexity of this standard must however not be underestimated. […]

How to Read the New IFRS Balance Sheet for Insurers

In 2017, after more than two decades of debates, outreach and Exposure Drafts, the IASB finally published the new IFRS 17 standard for Insurance Contracts. Following additional years of further […]

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