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EAA Web Session: Introduction to IFRS9 for Insurers

Insurance companies are currently quite busy with IFRS17 and devote relatively little attention to IFRS9, its equivalent on the asset side that will go live simultaneously. The complexity of this […]

“CERA, Module A: Quantitative Methods of ERM”

The 3-day web session assists actuaries in broadening their knowledge about modern quantitative financial and actuarial modelling; these topics form an essential part of the CERA syllabus. At the beginning […]

EAA Web Session: Extreme Risk Analysis

The economic model of insurance is based on mutualization. Roughly speaking, this consists in considering that the good results of the majority of the insureds compensate for the losses linked […]

EAA Web Session CERA, Module C: Processes in ERM

This module deals with the challenges of implementing ERM Processes. It includes requirements on ERM Processes and the discussion of best practices. It will be presented how to define an […]

EAA Web Session: CERA, Module D: ERM – Economic Capital

The present training is concerned with the question of economic capital in corporate management. Key aspects are economic valuation and performance, economic steering, key performance indicators, and value based management. […]

Assets and Liabilities Management (Part 2: Advanced)

For an insurance company, ensuring the proper coordination between assets and liabilities in order to achieve targeted financial objectives is of paramount interest. A strategy used to reach such objectives is […]

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